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Simplifying The Procurement of Crypto & AI Equipment WorldWide.


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Abstract Background

The Specter Difference


We know that making a large mining equipment purchase can be stressful. At Specter, we are committed to providing peace of mind to our clients by ensuring an honest, transparent, and proactive experience.


No complicated forms or open-ended commitments. If you are selling to us, we will provide you with a clear bid for your equipment, with no frills or ‘gotchas.’


Our management team has a combined over 25 years of experience distributing technology equipment and other products worldwide.


Because there are so many untrustworthy and underqualified brokers and distributors of mining equipment in the market, it is important to know the reputation of a company before you entrust them with your business. 


We build our partnerships for success. Gaining the trust of our clients and exceeding expectations is our top priority, and ingrained into our process.


We expect our experienced, professional approach to set us apart, and help us excel as an industry leader. 

Our Process


Often, customers may come to us with an immediate need. Our sales team is efficient at providing quotes on all popular messaging platforms. Old-school e-mail PDFs are available upon request. We understand this market is constantly changing, so we are happy to refresh pricing on-demand.


Some companies will push certain products whether or not they’re the best solution for you. We work as customer advocates to find the right fit for your needs. Specter Mining is also product-neutral, so we are happy to explore all equipment options in accordance to our client's budget and requirements.


We know you’re busy. You don’t have time to waste on dealing with salespeople without experience in customer service, exemplary product support. Our clients are loyal because we’re loyal. We’re committed to our relationship with you for the long haul.

Our Partners

Specter partners with worldwide distributors and power companies to supply the best brands of mining equipment and hosting for our clients. ​​
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