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Mining Containers

Quick installation, flexible relocation, and reliable operation. 
liquid cooling ant box.png

Container Sale

🔥Liquid Cooling Antbox For Sale🔥

👉🏼 Miners: Min.190-Max.210 
👉🏼 Power: Min.4900w - 5400w


Specter Mining A20 Series : Air Cooled Data Center  

⛏Powerful heat dissipation, highly adaptable to various circumstances, including high temperature and humidity, etc.

⛏Capacity: S19(378 units)/ M20 420

⛏20Ft./ 40ft. available 

💵20Ft/ $29,000  - 40ft/ $37,000


Container Sale

🔥UL and CE certified Module Box For Sale🔥

 Antbox N5V2

⛏Built for outdoor all weather operation
⛏Large exhausts with inlet filter pads
⛏Can accommodate (207) S19 Models

💵20ft/ $24,500


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